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This is a text based roleplay where you create a character then live and fight within the jedi order.
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 NPC's Non-Player Characters

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PostSubject: NPC's Non-Player Characters   NPC's Non-Player Characters Icon_minitimeFri Jan 09, 2009 12:44 pm

I will lock this so no one else can post here, but pm me if you make any new non-player characters

Known Characters:

Great Mos Alliance
Dex Callipso – Commander (Male, Human)
Darg Maximus – Fleet Commander (Male, Bothan) (X)
Risha Krefey – Economics Advisor (Female, Human)
Sonata Koho – Military Officer (Female, Tortuga)
(RP) Master Divok – Jedi Advisor (Male, Human)

Kaadara Rebellion
(RP) Master Divok – Commander (Male, Human)
(RP) Master Westafari – Sub-Commander (Male, Human)
Bane Dlamard – Divok’s General (Male, Human) (D)
Tel Solari – West’s General (Male, Human)
Zeven Leuf – Zoltan Alliance (Male, Zoltan)

Restrictor Corps Pirates
General Wolfgang - Commander (Male, Unknown)

Scattered Sith
(RP) Sith Lord Dal Val – N/A (Male, Human)
(RP) Sith Lord Nemesis – N/A (Male, Human)
(RP) Dark Jedi De-Boy – N/A (Male, Human)
(RP) Sith Lord evilcal666 - N/A (Male, Zabrack)

Scattered Jedi
(RP) Jedi Master Calimal – N/A – (Male, Human)
(RP) Jedi Padawan Sinakus – N/A – (Male, Human)

Jol Bathens - Jedi Hunter - (Male, Zabrack)

(RP) = Role play character
(X) = Killable Character
(D) = Deceased
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NPC's Non-Player Characters
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