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This is a text based roleplay where you create a character then live and fight within the jedi order.
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 Rise of the Kaadara Rebelion

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PostSubject: Re: Rise of the Kaadara Rebelion   Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:10 pm

Delta were sitting around in one of the fancy rooms in their new house. Kal and Kong soon walked in.
"So you up for a challange Omega, we are going to attempt to steal an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer" Questioned Kong. They all turned to him staring. Atin, Niner and Fi got up. But Darman remain sat down Kong quickly relased why.
"Omega will be glad to help" Said Niner. Kong and Kal had been though plans with some of the Union piolts and several soldiers. This was going to be a covert mission to inflitrate a star destoyer. The would be meeting with the union before entering Kuat. The main reason for the Union forces was to help piolot the huge ship. They soon moved out on their stealth ship to Rv with union forces.
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Mandalore the Void

Mandalore the Void

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PostSubject: Re: Rise of the Kaadara Rebelion   Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:27 pm

After being quicly hurried into a room with the high minister, Mandalore sat down opposite the Duro.
"Thankyou again sir for dealing with that problem... it's not the first attempt on my life by The Empire's agents..."
"Why is that Minister Don?" Mandalore asked politely?
"My views on the Empire's treatment of Aliens started a bit of a stir here, and has made a lot more of our people feel agitated... Now the Emperor can't legally make me stand down, so instead he's been sending those god-damn assassins after me, and is planning on replacing me with one of his Govorners!"
Mandalore smiled behind his mask, knowing this conquest would be easy.
"Well my people two despise the Empire for their strict and unfair behavior... and Can't stand how everything is run by the foul Sith Emperor... If you come under our protection, we can protect you from their foul attacks, until we can strike them back!"
It took less than 5 minutes for the Duro Minister to sign the treaty.
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Rise of the Kaadara Rebelion
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